The Men

Every man aged 40 years and above come together in Victory Parish Miami, as a biological group called Men of Valor to fellowship together in the church.

What they do

-Foster brotherly love and unity in Christ Jesus in furtherance of the vision of the church, thus expanding the kingdom of God here on earth through Victory Parish Miami.

-The Men’s Fellowship is meant to bring all men in the church along with other biological groups to the fullness of the knowledge of God in Christ Jesus through regular bible study and prayers while participating in church programs and services


-In person: First Sunday of every month after church service

-Weekly Telephone prayers: Mondays: 8pm-9pm

Special Programs and Outreaches

-Breakfast Meetings


-City Outreaches

-Special projects as they are led


The Women

We are known as the Victorious Women of Victory Parish Miami. We are committed to regular outreaches involving nursing/halfway homes in the community and helping with church programs. As our brother’s keeper we form a strong support system to one another both in good times and times of need. The objective is to engender God’s love and fellowship as well as build relationships.  Through spreading love and assistance to people in need souls are won to Christ.

We encourage one another through social interactions such as breakfast meetings…

We are the Hospitality Assistants of the church.  

We pray together weekly to share burdens, testimonies and uphold our church.                    


The Youth and Young Adults (Sought Out Generation)

We are a group of vibrant youth/young adults called Sought Out Generation taken out of Isaiah 62:12 “and they shall call them the holy people, the redeemed of the Lord: and they shall be called sought out, a city not forsaken.”  

We fellowship as a group and impact our community through activities throughout the year which include prayer meetings, community outreach, social activities…

We are the generation of tomorrow and make up the majority of the volunteer force of the church. We hold lots of interactive outreach programs.

Our weekly group prayer meetings is on Thursday at 9pm.
We have our SOG take over Sunday service once every month where we run most of the service. 

Our Motto is Purity, Love and doing it God’s way.


The Teens

We are a group of vibrant teenagers who love the Lord.

If you are a teen, come join us.

We meet weekly on Sundays: 10am-10:30am for teen oriented bible study / engage in honest conversations and topics relevant to teens.

We also meet throughout the year for fun activities and interactive programs. We are part of the volunteer force of the church.


The Children’s Group

We engage our children through educative and fun activities held indoors or outdoors. The children are also engaged in spiritual learning programs as well as children centered Sunday School bible teachings. For this group, it is always about learning, creativity, and fun.


Core Ministries

Some of our core ministries


Praise and Worship team



Adult Sunday School 

Children’s church 

Technical team. 

Prayer Warriors.