October 2020: The Month of Celebration


          We greet you all in the precious name of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God and our savior and Redeemer.

          Grace be multiplied to us all and welcome to October 2020, our month of Celebration.

          God will be celebrated in all our lives and we all shall celebrate and relish in God’s blessings, goodness and mercy this month and henceforth.

          Please join in the celebration by faith and rejoice with those who rejoice. As God’s special people whom He has called out of darkness into His marvelous light (1 Pet 2:9), we are His holy nation and royal priesthood.

          Henceforth we shall draw water with joy from the wells of salvation (Isa 12:3). Sorrow and despair are eradicated from our life and laughter and songs of joy and victory shall fill our mouths.

          May the good Lord God continue to keep us all His people safe from the pandemic of Covid-19, while we observe strictly all the CDC health guidelines of wearing face masks, hand washing, social distancing and sanitizing of all surfaces, etc.

          By the special grace of God, we plan to resume in person services as soon as it is safe and you will be notified of the exact date.

          We love and appreciate you all and thank all of us for our faithful support of God’s work through His church. God bless us all in Jesus name.
Pastors Chris and Ude Ogali

Senior Pastors, RCCG Victory Miami


Our church services by the grace of God continue online as follows:

Victory Parish Miami

Online Services

Service                                                      Day                               Time

Digging Deep/Faith Clinic     Wednesdays                            7pm-8pm

Sunday Service                          Sundays                                   10:30am-12noon

Holy Communion/                   3rd Fridays                                 10pm-12midnight

Holy Ghost Service                     

Hour of Prayer with                 Monday-Wednesday             6am-7am

Pastor Chris Ogali      

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