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TESTIMONIES  During the Testimony Sunday

  • Bro E testified about God giving him his work permit miraculously after may years of being out of status. He also got a new job. Praise God!
  • Bro M testified concerning his family. God gave them a bouncing baby boy. His wife got a great new job and he also got a new job after about 4 years of being unemployed. Praise God!!!
  • Bro F testified about God’s divine revelation and protection at his job from a an armed criminal. The Lord had  revealed to him in a dream prior  someone pointing a gun at him. Only for him to get to work and see the person in real life. He was able to take the needed precautions and was spared thereby from the dream he had becoming reality. Praise God!!!
  • Bro Y  testified that after using the anointed handkerchief over his business, it picked up again and they are busy again. He also got a new job. Praise God!
  • Bro V testified about God’s protection. He was involved in a car accident that completely totalled his car. Thank God he came out alive with just a few bruises. Also a law suit that was filed against him was dropped. Praise God!
  • Bro T testified of favor at his job and God’s keeping. All the bosses who were oppresing him at work were either transferred or demoted. Praise God!
  • Sis R testified about God using her to minister to a friend who was going through hard times in his marriage and today he is reconciled with his wife and no longer depressed. Praise God!
  • Sis L testified of God giving her the grace to excel in an exam she was very nervous about. After soaking herself in the word of God and praying, she went to the exam with no past anxiety and was able to pass the exam very well. Praise God!
  • Sis B testified about God helping her at her job to get excellent points not only in her branch but as an individual. Praise God!
  • Sis C testified about God giving her favor with regards to her son’s care. She had been waiting on an application and received favorable response. God has also been helping her son at school. Praise God!
  • Bro F also testified about receiving a favorable response from the agency concerning an application for the care of his children. Praise God!
  • Sis B testified about God reviving her business after many slow months. Also they received a favorable response for an application they put for child care for their kids. Praise God!