By Senior Pastor Chris Ogali



  1. God’s glory will be on show as God visits His people this year like never before.
  2. Come out of the shadows and your hiding. Shine for Jesus Christ and let the world know Him through you.
  3. Go forward. The Lord God has not finished with you; your best years are ahead of you.
  4. There is a sound of abundance of rain, pray to God so you will overtake all competitors.
  5. Revival cometh, despite all enemy attempts to stop or disrupt God’s move in His church.
  6. The counsel of the Lord that shall stand and all enemy devices will fail. The gates of hell shall not prevail against the church.
  7. Corrupt officials will be exposed in their financial and fraudulent malpractices. Those who refuse to repent and restitute in their profligacy, bribery and wasteful spending, God will repay.
  8. All liars, thieves and false accusers shall be frustrated and silenced, along with the rebellious, disrespectful and mockers.
  9. The lost shall be recovered and we shall live and not die.
  10. Faithful and True are the names of our God. The ungodly are not so, and God will repay all according to their work.



  1. Decree let there be peace and let there be light.
  2. Pray that COVID 19 already on its way out, God will further accelerate its extinction.
  3. Pray for all in authority that God will lead them in the way of righteousness.
  4. Pray against extreme weather conditions of hurricanes, tornado, wild fires etc, that their effects will be minimal.


1. Pray God to terminate confusion and lawlessness in the land.
2. Pray for the quick appearance of God’s new leadership began in 2021 and let it manifest all over the country, characterized by simplicity, unity, accord and devoid of sectionalism and nepotism.
3. Pray against possible collapse of part of the ring road and bridge network in Lagos and Victoria Island due to flooding and poor maintenance.
4. The church should take heed quickly to cleanse and reorganize itself and eschew all corruption and evil so as not to lose relevance henceforth. Pray against poor management practices and services that could result in dwindling activities if unchecked.